Friday, February 1, 2013

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Les Miserables(2012)

Les Miserables- a slice of heaven for musical lovers.....

                Several things are written about this movie. Tom Hooper took a risk by taking a subject so close to the audience that the comparisions were bound to happen. Still after seeing the movie, one is not disappointed. The credit goes  to Hooper for taking a subject and expressing  the emotions of the situations and story in such a manner that one gets hooked on to the musical and goes on a journey till the end. Of course the time of the movie may be a concern for some, but once you get engrossed to the movie, you will not care about the time. A big round of applause to Tom for delivering the best performances from each of the cast, This definitely makes him a worth nominee for Oscars.
                 Coming to the performances of the movie, The act is top notch starting with Anne Hathway and Hugh Jackman. Well desereved nominations for Oscar. Though Anne had a small role, but the time when she sings I dreamed a dream......makes you feel the pain which she is going through. Its great to see an actor who once started with Princess and now has delivered a performance of a lifetime. She deserves to win an Oscar.
                 Hugh Jackman, what to say, The man comes as a great surprise after his highly impressive X men movies. He surely can sing and gives a marvelous performance, Jackman has the best songs and emotions to emote, and he does it flawlessly. You can see a change of a man's life through his entire journey. Even the voice which changes in the ages for Jackman and to show it on screen in a detail manner is remarkable.
                  What comes as a surprise is Amanda and Eddie. Amanda gave a surprise by that voice, she should really take up some broadway musical or cut and album for that voice. Eddie is like the dark horse, you can see the man evolve from My week with Marlyn till Les miserables, he sings well, emotes well, and look great, Here is a great actor in making. The romance between these two is the only happy part of the film which makes the movie not a documentary. Same holds for Samantha, First thing to notice is the tiny waist, Dont know how much waif look the actors acquired for getting in the characters, to show the hunger and pain. She acts great and sings great, she is the most surprising package of the movie, She plays eponine like a pro. Your heart goes out to her specially in the scene when Amanda and Eddie meets for the first time, and Samantha is singing with them emoting how much she loves Eddie and cannot get what she always wanted from him. Sacha and Helen have the good parts to be funny, and that's what makes you laugh at some point and enjoy the emotional rollar coaster ride called Les Miserables. Many things are told about how bad the singing was of Russell Crowe, But it is impossible to say that he did'nt act well, You will not find any fault with him, Its just the perception of people because of the hype created around the movie and knowing the broadway performances and then comparing them with Russell, I would say, People please give the guy some credit of singing and playing his part well.
                     The sets cinematography, costumes, makeup all deserves a point to be noted as everything was upto perfection and done on a lrge scale. For a musical movie lover, the movie is a cheese cake. Go and Enjoy the movie.........and get lost in love, sacrifice, revlution,songs, ambition..........thats what life is about.